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strengthening. uup. i am betting on the green back. it is in my fund as well >> i will see you on fox business have a great weekend. >> the cia director david petraeus unexpectedly resigns and admitting to an affair uncovered by the fbi. the timing of the resignation is raising eye brows here in washington. compromise is a nice thought, but is it possible for the republicans and white house to come together and avoid the approaching fiscal cliff? >> and right now, 300,000 people still don't have power in the wake of hurricane sandy. gas rationing helped some. but as temperatures droppedangry new yorkers want the power company held accountable. live in the nation's captital
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starts now. >> 12 days later thousands of people don't have power. many feel abandoned and a lot of finger pointing going on. and no straight answers. peter doocy is looking at why they are blamed and we begin with anna on how residents feel at this hour. >> hey, there. we have one of six dumping stations here on staten island and a breath taking sight to see. we watched the debris piling up. and the nor'easter slowed progress some and definitely an active scene today. residents are complaining that aid is slow to come. i spoke with the federal accord nading officer for fema who said 26 disaster recovery
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set up. food, water and information and hot spots there and working to set up more internet access for folks. we have a phone number. this is important if we leave it up for the rest of the time. 800-621-3362. we have seen the volunteers on the ground. hundreds of people pilled in yellow school buses to help victims of super storm sandy. they will be sorting donated goods and going to houses and delivering supplis and even cleaning up the city parks. gas rationing and police monitoring the pumps are helping the long lines. oud-- odd-even system is set up. president obama will be in new york sometime on thursday.
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back to you. uma. >> people are desperate out and let's hope they get the help they need. peter doocy is live with a look at how government officials plan to hold utility companies accountable. >> three percent of new jersey don't have power. two percent in new york. 170,000 people are in the dark. that sounds small. three percent and two percent. but super storm sandy passed through those parts 12 days ago and the largest power company on long island power authority only asked for 700, employees to help restore power when it turns out they needed 10,000 extra workers. it is it government-owned and now government officials from all sides are coming together to rip their rep sponse.
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>> i believe they were unprepared. i believe the system is archaic and obso lite in many ways. no, i don't believe what they did was adequate and right. i believe it was the system design and their performance and part of it is the fact that the utilities are a monopoly. >> that's where the buck stops at the top. you know, this is poor plan poor decision making. we knew about the storm well in advance. democratic congressman steve israel who represents huntington area of long island is calling for the former fema director james dewit to sort it out. if the army corp of engineers
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can turn lights on in cabul they should be dispatched to turn on the light necessary new york. republican congressman wants president obama to personally intervene to make sure all assets are deployed to the impacted region. uma. >> thank you very much. we'll be speaking with congressman michael grimm whose residents are frustrated at this hour. and turning to another store store making newings . in the cia, at the worst possible time. general david petraeus stepping down an the fbi probe uncovered an affair with a married biographer. >> the affair kale to light in a investigation. the fbi discovered paula broadwell had acess to general petraeus' account. they monitored the e-mails.
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although he was not under investigation there were concern of a security breach and broadwell was stalking him and they discovered the affair. and meanwhile petraeus who was the cia director for over a year was supposed to testify in the house and senate hearingings. now he will not testify. still law makers hope he will tell them at some point what he knows about the attack. >> i hope we don't have to subpeona the four star general. if he won't he will be subpeona. >> petraeus who was married to wife holly was widely admired for the democrats and republicans for the way he turned around the war in iraq. he called his affair unacceptable. president obama praised the four star army general saying by any measure he was one of the outstanding general
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officers of his generation. going forward my thought prayers are with dave and holly petraeus who did so much to help military families through her own work. i wish them the best at this difficult time. >> as for the fbi investigation, in the end fbi agents did not find evidence of criminal activity. >> thank you very much. general petraeus was one of the first to brief law makers followinglet u.s. mission in libya. katherine herage has the latest. >> in the white house, jay carny pushed back on allegations that the administration was not forth coming on the benghazi attack. specifically what happened at 5:00 in the white whoit. >> the president was made aware of the developments throughout the evening and days ensuing and i am not what your question is specifically.
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>> they are not independent investigation. carny pointed to the review and public time line that laid out military response and a similar briefing by intelligence officials emergency response. >> next week they are scheduled with state department patrick kennedy who is charged with overseeing staff. and eric bonswell who is charged with security in benghazi. and while they emphasizes what was known in benghazi. all will be close except one. that was congress' call. >> my understanding that they wanted to have a conversation with intelience recording. >> classified documents remained available in a classified meeting room on capitol hill. they want more clarity.
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>> was it a failure in the intelligence area. people are upset with the misleading comments that were made. >> on capitol hill law makers were flabbergasted with the information and questioned whether they'll call him to testify now that he is a private citizen. >> joining us now to provide the insight. kt mcfar land and former head of the cia bin laden unit. michael let me begin with you. we learned about the fbi investigation that underway regarding a security breach which uncovered the emaims. - e-mails. what do you make of this. washington is reeling? >> the investigation was
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complete a while ago and the coincidence of the information coming out and forcing petraeus to resign is an effort to make he doesn't tell what he knows about our failure, the president's failure to try to rescue four americans under attack for seven hours that. is not unusual for the democrats, in october 2000 clinton was concerned about getting gore elected and when they almost sunk the naval ship cole, clinton respond happened in no way just as president obama didn't respond with benghazi. americans can die if their political agenda is forward. >> if it is a move to prevent him from revealing what he knows he can be subpeona. >> the congressman said he hoped he didn't have to subpeona him. the administration will try to bury united states in a lot of
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the irrelevant detail. we watched for seven hours americans being killed and did nothing. you can't get around that information. petraeus was the one in the community who three weeks ago came out with a statement that was clear. no one at any level of the cia stopped the assistance from going to the men under attack. that was close as he could come to say it was the white house. >> and the administration officials are saying the resignation had nothing to do with the libya terror attack investigation upon. but comes as he was set to testify in congress about what he knew. what do you make of the departure. >> i think there is something fishy. i was in afghanistan with general petraeus and he is a friend of mine and there was a suggestion of a relationship. this is not a secret and when he transformed from the army to the cia he would hav
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undergone a lie detector and the first question they would have asked him is there anything in your background that is suspicious the vetting and not only on his position of stan tan and cia, they would have known if he had a library book overdue. and the question is why the white house would have known about this and would have given him a waiver to take the job in spite of the question. why sit on it two years? there are two explanation. the white house wanted to get him to testify the the way they wanted or he came forward himself and said i don't want to be in that position and i will say what i am going to say . that statement out of the cia two weeks ago. it was odd. no one in the cia at any level at any time denied help to the cia personnel on the ground. that begs the question. if it was not the question who
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told them to stand down who was it? >> i think there is more to come and i think general petraeus is in a position to tell the truth without ramictions and he already resigned and i would like to know what happened. >> there is it questions about the time line, michael. september 12th and 14th. general petraeus apparently was the one that pointed to the video and talked about it and at odds with what the cia personnel said on the ground. they had reported it was a terror attack on the consulate there. >> he may have been playing along as a good team power just as general powell played along in the iraq war and now regrets it. you need in this whole episode to remember there are only two players in washington who have not gone along with the lies that the president has told the american people about the
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islamic militant threat it is it growing spheck tackular lie be you -- 2001 and that is mr. paneta and petraeus. paneta is a democrat in good standing, and getting petraeus out of the cia is one less negative voice challenging his foolish narrative of how our foreign policy is working in the muslim world. they are glad to have him gone. >> this thing is not going to go away. obviously people are saying that the store store will unfold if not days, but the store store will come out. >> i was in the white house during water gate. it has drip, drip, drip of whistle blowers, for the administration point of view. petraeus is in a far different position. he is an independent guy and nothing will stop him saying
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the truth. his whole life he has run toward the bullets and i expect he will sayie a lot and we'll finally get to the bottom of this. >> we'll be following your store store closely fox news sunday has a brew with diane feinstein. check your local listings for the time and channel it takes place. end to a bitter campaign season. americans are hoping that that will not be the beginning to a more bitter debate here in washington. will congress decide on grid lock or compromise. and congressman michael grimm on the thousands of people in the staten island drict who remain without power and what is done to help them. don't go away. this family used capital one venture miles
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and cranberry almond crunch.
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>> welcome back everybody. super storm sandy destroyed hundreds of homes. half of those people are waiting for the power to return are in new york which
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had to cope with a nor'easter this week. joining me is congressman michael grim, a drict of long island and frustrated residents feel their island was ignored and forgotten by federal officialings. congressman, i know your community is filled with frustration and despair with so many people waiting for the power to be restored. how upset are you over the power company's reponce to the crisis? >> listen, frustrated is beyond words. people are suffering so much in different ways and right now, we are at that point two week and it is getting worse. you have to understand, a lot of the people were in shock for a long time and now that is wearing off and reality of how much they lost is hitting them. compounded by the fact that yesterday we found another dead body bringing the death
12:21 pm
tolltoup 24. and the devastation here there is not enough words to describe it i myself, as a u.s. congressman, i feel like i should be doing more and putting pressure on the mayor's office and con ed, you name it. it is a lengthy process and i feel it should have gone smoother and more coordination, but what elsey can i say? >> there is a lot of finger pointing and fireworks are -- many folks don't have answers when they feel so vulnerable. >> communication is lacking tremendously and as of a day or two ago, we had a meet talked about getting the word out and going door to door with fliers and telling people that you do need to have an electrical contractor look at your electrical. if you had flooding two feet down where you have electrical
12:22 pm
outlets that means salt water got in and that salt will corode your wires. that means con ed can't turn the water on. those wires will tart a fire. that is it part till don't know we are going door to door. >> but we'll even to get that information out. don't you have to have a way to get the electrician out to the house and they are trying to get a place to charge a battery. it is difficult to get electricians to come out to the neighborhood. >> that's part of the frustration. all of the elected officials on the island are going door to door and take names down so we can send somebody there. there are volunteer contractors anderk electricians.
12:23 pm
there is protocol to get them out to the homes. they are going to the door to door now. i think that process took too long. it has started and a lengthy process to get them out to the houses. it is problematic and now they are literally going door to door to do that. >> the president is said to come noyour area next week. will that help or make a difference at all? >> can you say that again. who is coming next week? >> president obama is said to come and look at the area and get an update and see what is going on with the recovery and clean up. will that help or make a difference at all? >> i think every bit helps. the bottom line is, it is coordination we need. resources have come in from all over the country and
12:24 pm
federal government and city and state. but getting them to the end users and survivors that need them the most is it a challenge. it is difficult for the city to do that. the most effective sours are the citizens. neighbors that bound together and started their own groups and block captains and getting things done that is most effective. that's what my staff work with . we find out what they need and they desiminate it. not only resources but information. that is the success we have had is come from the citizens from the community that stepped up. >> that is good news out of a tough situation . our hearts go out to all of you there. i know it is it a rough go. woolkeep on it keep us posted. we thank you for yoining us today. >> thank you.
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appreciate it >> coming up. election over. analysis for what went wrong to the mommy campaign. frank lunwhereis here with brand new polls exclusive to fox. [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy
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welcome back everybody. cia deputy director michael morel will be acting as acting director of the cia. petraeus stepped down after admitting to a secret affair. molly has the top store store. >> the other woman is petraeus' biographer. they stumbled on the affair in a breach in petraeus security. it means that petraeus will not testify in libya hearingings next week. drivers in new york city and
12:30 pm
long island dealing with odd-even gas rationing. it has shortened the lines. but gas is running slow as supply term nools are at reduced capacity. marine corp is 230 years old today. the pentagon held a celebration. paneta was there. and army general martin dempsey and marine corp commandant. >> and justin bieber and selena gomez broke up last week because of distance and busy schedules 18 year old bieber was spotted in a victoria secret fashion show on wednesday. oh, bieber how you disappoint us. >> my daughter will be disappointed about that news. >> switching gears. days after reelection and talk
12:31 pm
of common ground with the gop to avoid the fiscal cliff. president obama isad odds with speaker boehner. am they be stuck in the same preelection grid lock. joining us is senior advisor to senator harry reed reed. and spokes man for boehner. welcome and glad to center you on board. start off with the situation with the president speaking out and saying as far as he is concerned wealthy americans will pay higher taxes and that ended with his reelection and he believes that voters validated his effort to make it happen. speaker boehner said raising taxes are unacceptable. >> you are seeing the classic positions and everybody wants to make sure they speak for their constitients.
12:32 pm
and they want to make they are addressing the concerns. what we will see next week a call for the president for the leadership to go down to the white house. there is not that much time. we have a fiscal looming cliff at the end of the year. hopefully we can get both sides to come to the right. >> it is important for the president to not be intransient. the stock market took a beating. and that should send a strong signal that taking more taxes out of the economy for the benefit of the federal government is not popular. and so both sides need to be a little bit more respectful of the positions and give each other latitude and trust and so we can solve the problem. >> republicans believe it is it a man date of their own because they retained the house in the last election.
12:33 pm
how do you see compromise comingalt a time when both sides are alined. >> we are soing that each one has their own basic power. speaker boehner has control of the house. and majority leader reed reed has his and mcconle the minority leader. you need certain amount of republicans in the senate to come with the president. they have their own power base they are working it is it the triangulation that we will see. who and what form is it the coalition that are need tod pass something. >> welcome to divided government. >> there you g. >> in this setting right now. everybody has an interest in finding a way to making progress and giving the american people what they wanted from all of their leaders some substantive move forward on the big issues that face the country. taxes and spending are on
12:34 pm
everyoney mind. >> gop's give on taxes. you think the democrats will play fair on entitlements. >> that is on the agenda and democrats recognize it is it not only increasing the revenue. you need a balance. both increase in revenue, but you need a cut in spending. >> you can't ignore the path. if we don't reform entitlements, there is it a country that is broke. as long as there is it mutual respect and keep the conferences together. there can be real progress. you can't ignore the math. there is no room in the economy for anything else. >> are you optmistic. >> we have to. >> more than i was the last time. we'll see. >> it seems like we were there before. let's hope we get progress. >> bitats a - little bit at a
12:35 pm
time. baby steps. >> you, both of you. we are following it closely and check back with your reaction later on. >> appreciate it very much. this news just n. word from the u.s. geological survey 5.3 magnitude earthquake in eastern kentucky, the center of the quake is in whitesburg. to put that in context, the one that hit in mineral, virginia was 5.8 magnitude. we'll follow this store store. new polling may show us what went wrong for mitt romney on election night. don't go away. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup
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>> we have an update for you about the earthquake we just
12:40 pm
reported o. u.s. geological survey revised the measurement saying the quake was 4.3. it happened in a rural area near the virginia border in the mountains. there is no word of injuries if any. it in the days leading up to the election many polsters predicted that governor mitt romney could win the election. 303 for obama and 206 for romney and that doesn't include florida which is likely to go for the president. what happened between the final polls and election day. here is polster frank lunz. it is a tough week for the polsters and people supporting mitt romney. a lot of people believed hoe had the edge and momentum? >> it should be a tough week. the published polls that the
12:41 pm
mitt romney campaign and republican establishment were trashing day after day turned out to be accurate and all of the polls for the republican establishment, i know house candidates who lost were shocked. senate republicans supposed to gain and they lost and before you criticize the romney campaign. mitt romney ran ahead of everyone of those republicans that lost. it is it a bad for establishment polster and something they should be held accountable for. you have to tell your clients the truth and be accurate and miss so many states and be off. your fox viewers should be outraged. day in and out they were told romney would win. hope hoe and pennsylvania and was never up. iowa and new hampshire state after state were never up.
12:42 pm
published polls were correct and nate silver was correct and republican establishment polls were wrong. >> lock at the polls you have done. they were revealing. can you take us through those and give us a sense. >> first of all republicans, most interested in helping, you have a on lot of category and wealthy and big business. very interesting to see how it turned out. >> main street partnership look at the top two numbers. when asked to give the top two wealthy and big business far more than hard working taxpayers and middle class. that testimonies you the communication gift in what the republicans were saying. hard working taxpayers in the middle class. half as many say wealthy and big business. the obama campaign got the
12:43 pm
message that republicans were out of the touch and defending the groups american people didn't like. that signal that the messaging was not working this is it i don't want to spend my time to look back. it is it important to be accountable but look at the future. when the question come to americans which is more important to you. fighting against tax increases or balancing the budget. by far it is it balancing the budget. american people believe that washington wastes too much and spends too much and they want to stop it. and i want to say this so much of the romny campaign was preventing tax increases on wealthy mirns when it should have been cutting. >> this is what they can pay boo as we head in the discussions of the fiscal cliff? >> exactly. it is not a battle.
12:44 pm
americans don't want to see tax increases and the only way they would allow revenue enhancements, if they knew there was significant and measureful. if these cuts were real and significant and permanent then the public would look at revenue side. but to fight over the taxes is missing the bigger issue for the american people that washington spends too much ands too much and you got to stop it >> always great to see you. thank you for joining us. and quite revealing following the election in terms was what americans are paying attention to. >> the republican party doing post soul searching. what republicans are doing to broaden the field and where the tea party fits in.
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>> we are back. two states waiting to see what the federal government will do. colorado a governor spoke on the phone with eric holder and got no word on how the feds plan to response to the ballot measure in colorado and washington state that will allow anyone over 21 to
12:49 pm
possess small amounts was marijuana. under age 21 marijuana is still illegal for any reason. >> time for a look at the top store stores, making news, approximately approximately will travel to new york. new york officials estimate damage from sandy could total 33 billion in the state alone. and election results are barely dry and john boehner and president obama buting heads. key disagreements are whether taxes should be raised on wealthy americans. neither seem willing to compromise on that. >> and a pair of college basketball was cancelled because the floor was not in ship shop. florida left georgia in half time. there was so much condeization on the floor the game was
12:50 pm
cancelled. >> and over the next few weeks, top republicans are taking a closer look at what went wrong in the election cycle and how to fix it they are talking to donors and house majority leader john boehner said there is no tea party to speak of anymore. does the republican party need to change the image joining us now is shawn and amy. welcome to the woth of - both of you. i know it is it a disappointing week that you are reacting tompt there is it a lot of soul senching going on saying that the republican party need toz get a grip and take a look at where it missed the mark in the past election, shawn, a lot of the folks are upset that the republican party did not factor in the real vibe with the youth vote, women and hispanics.
12:51 pm
>> look we lost but we did a lot of things well. our ground game was strong and did better in the battle ground states than in 2008 and president obama did worse than in 2008. fund raising was off of the chart. >> we got breaking news to alert to. the associate press is now reporting that thitate of florida was an obama win. florida topping rom no. 332 to 206. that's the way it stands. this had to take place over a period of days and so we know shawn florida goes in the obama colume. >> another nail in the coffin. part of the what we need to do is a full analysis. choose what the chairman told us to do. there is it no silver bullet or one trick pony why we
12:52 pm
didn't win. we need to evaluate the research and data and messaging and said where can we do better and how? the solutions are things we can fix quickly and some of them need to be taken over a number much years. to point fingers in one direction is short-sighted way of making people feel good. we have issues to get dealt with in a lot of areas. >> amy, what do you make of the speaker's comments that the tea party is not a factor at this moment. >> speaker boehner we are still here. this emboldened the tea party movement and we are going to continue to fight. two times in the past several years have we seen americans reach out and say how do i get involved. supreme court ruling came down on obamacare and election results earlier this week. and stow we are not going
12:53 pm
anywhere. we'll continue to fight. >> but the candidates lost. >> but the thing is uma. tea party and moderates, we lost. elections have consequences, it is sad and emotional and we hate it no one wants to lose but at the end of the day figure out where we went wrong and fix it so we can go on and take back the senate in 2014 and take back the white house in 2016. we cannot just sit back and say we are done. washington's spending is out of the control. that's what we are focused on. we want to reign in the out of the control spend have washington live in their means. we supported governor romney and most tea party candidates worked their hearts out and did everything to elect romney as president. but we are not giving up or going away.
12:54 pm
>> a lot of the conservatives say why does the gop have to be seen as more moderate. it should be something that conservatives are saying stick to your conservative principles. >> there is no question when it comes to that. our issues are sound and principles are sound. that's not why we lost. moderates lost and conservatives lost. tea party won and moderates won. this is not a finger pointing exercise. we need to continue to be strong on our principles and what the party stood for and focusing on cutting the deficit. but that is not -- look at the mechanics was how we can win in 2013 and 14 and 16 and 20. >> i do think that immigration is front and center obviously. it is something to deal with. and we need to reach out and figure out how to reach out to
12:55 pm
the 22 -- i have a 22 year old daughter and a lot of them supported governor mitt romney and we need to figure out how to engage them and educating people on economic policy and how it all works. >> lots was work to be done on this. >> absolutely. >> i wish you both the best and thank you for coming in. >> thought for the country and now wounded warriors are getting a chance to do something they thought they never would. >> oh, i can't believe you jumped out of an airplane. but after that. oh, my god it was awesome get that rush. >> up next on the veterans day weekend. ♪ is what drives us to broadcast
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>> the heroes, 20 wounded warriors got the ride of their lives thanks to a skydiving group of vets of afghanistan. and they are at the texas air park yesterday. and that's going to do it for me here in d.c. kelly wright and jamie colby in new york with more. and tomorrow, chris wallace has an exclusive with the chair of the senate

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